I’ll be there for you


What to write about yesterday’s woman?   The best President that America didn’t have?   I’m sure that is what she thinks but now we’ll never know.  Instead we prepare for what promises to be a rollercoaster ride of falsehoods and broken promises.   Of course this description could just as easily be applied to any Presidency it is just that Donald Trump gained the Presidency by turning barefaced falsehoods into an artform.  I think there are two big problems that a President Trump is going to face:

Firstly, he is going to find it very very difficult to deliver on all the promises to all the struggling families who hope that he can make their lives better, even just a little bit.   The President of the United States whilst being hugely powerful on the world stage domestically has massive checks and balances preventing him from enacting what he wants.  An example of this is the ‘Safe City’ movement that many of the mayors of America largest cities are using to potentially block the President of the United States’ wishes;

Secondly, as President Truman was so fond of saying – ‘…the buck stops here…’   I am not sure whether this has sunk into the President elect’s consciousness yet with all the talk of him living in Manhattan and using his own aircraft rather than  the less gaudily appointed government supplied, combat ready, aircraft.   He may be able to farm out a lot of the work of the Presidency to other people but only he will receive the dreaded 3am call.   After all he will be the Commander in Chief and he will be blamed when operations go wrong and people die.   That is not a party political point but rather  a statement of fact – just ask Hillary Clinton about Benghazi.

So here we are waving goodbye to the Clinton dynasty and  welcoming in the Trump dynasty with all the little princelings dancing around the new King trying to catch his eye.  I rewatched Wolf Hall recently and the one thing that struck me – just how similar the court of Henry the 8th seemed to be to that of Donald Trump, minus of course three wives. The only difference is that Donald Trump has many heirs and spares as well as an Elizabeth or is that Bloody Mary to boot?  Oh what it is to live in interesting times.


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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