Unknown Unknowns….

So there we have it – Donald J. Trump has been elected President of the United States of America.   I thought that there was a 60% chance that Mrs Clinton would have made it over the line whereas Trump was 40%.   However, I had little enthusiasm for Mrs Clinton it was just that she seemed much better than the alternative.  However, the alternative has won and so we need to accept that and wish him well in his endeavours as he is about to get a huge reality check about the difference between rhetoric and governing.   I haven’t got the first idea as to what President he will make which is true of all first time Presidents.   The difference with President elect Trump is that he has no real record at all other than his various business endeavours which have been patchy to say the least.

As for the wider message of this  election what does that tells us about the world at the moment?    It is far far too early to even contemplate answering this other than to say that people who might be described as forming the elite, be they politicians, media commentators or the influential have had their noses put out of joint much the same way that this was the case after Brexit.   How this change will be felt in the long run is anyone’s guess but if a Trump Presidency  has anything like the transformative effect that Brexit has in this country then who knows what the world will look like in four years time.

One final thought.   Yesterday I suggested that things were far from rosy in European Union, the Commision is possibly the most remote of elites there is in the west.   So how they react to a Trump Presidency is going to affect how the Brexit negotiations are undertaken.   Perhaps, just perhaps, they might feel sufficiently crestfallen to actually enter into meaningful negotiations to the mutual benefit of both the EU and Britain with trying to ‘punishing’ Britain for the temerity of pushing back against the EU.   If this is the case then from a European perspective  President Trump might have been positive outcome.   I suspect this is a far too simplistic approach to the whole maelstrom that Mr Trump has released.

So congratulation to Donald Trump he fought the election and won.  We all now have to hope that the Donald Trump on the election trail is not the Donald Trump who has the nuclear launch codes at his finger tips after January 2017.   Only time will tell.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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