Good luck to the new PM…we’ll all need it.

I know I predicted that Theresa May would become Prime Minister before anyone else (I get few things right so I am surely just a little time to crow about this so I am going to enjoy that.  There that is better.)  How she performs as PM we just don’t know but given the hand that she has been dealt then we all need her to perform better than most – otherwise who knows where we’ll be?

On the other side of the House of Commons I haven’t got the first clue what is happening.   I am reassured by friends who are Labour members that Jeremy Corbyn is the right man.  Personally I doubt that but then again what do I know?  What we do know is that the Labour party and Labour movement are going to tear themselves apart over the next few months and the saddest thing is hardly anyone will notice.  I say that not because I want Labour to fail, I don’t, but because we are going through momentous times and all eyes will be on the people who are trying to overcome those momentous events.  Anything else will seem somehow small and somewhat unimportant and I am afraid that is what the Labour party is at the moment – which is very very sad.

I have been rereading some of my previous blogs from the last 12 months and one comes to mind again and again.  I wrote it just after the last general election and I think it is very pertinent for the Labour party and all their problems.   I live in one of the bluest of blue counties, actually that is a description of all the counties of England, and back then I couldn’t see how Labour was going to change the colour of any of those seats to red.  I still don’t and this is the real tragedy.  Perhaps in 2020 things will look a whole lot different, the Tories may have pulled themselves apart, the Labour Party may have woken up to the fact that they are there to win elections and those who really need them to do so rely on this.  However, if this week has shown us anything it is that the Tories don’t really care about anything else but being in Government and it can be argued they will do anything, saying anything to achieve that aim.   This cannot  be said about the the current Labour party.  I will give you one last thought to illustrate the ruthlessness of the Tories.  Can anyone imagine the current or possibly future Labour leader ever having the metaphorical balls to openly nick and call their own policies being espoused by the Tory party?  That is what Theresa May has just done and that is why the bloodletting on the Labour side is pointless.  Tonight I am a sad person.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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