All the world’s a play….

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So just for a moment the real world gate crashed fantasy and Donald J. Trump’s reaction really wasn’t that good.  I am not sure who is advising him, other than himself, but at times like this you have to remember that you are in some small way talking for the United States of America rather than some reality TV show on steroids.  Instead of statesman’s like condolences he offered the thought that you should torture people or I think his actual words were “…do what it takes…” to get the information which just about sums up his understanding of how the real world works.

You can build as many walls as you like but you can’t stop the real world getting over them and I think Trump might be aware of this but he is seems to be stuck in permanent shout mode.  What is the latest nonsensical thing can I say to get a headline or two?   Well iff you are the President of the United States of America the world looks to you to be bigger and better than that or at least appear to be.  On yesterday’s evidence Donald J. Trump failed that test by some wide margin.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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4 Responses to All the world’s a play….

  1. odinra says:

    Yes he is being loud but common sense sometimes needs to be shouted at people still in their own delusions that we are “Better than that mentality” political correctness is insane.. So Yes Donald is a Showman, a part time Actor.. But what he trying to say is we all have to see it for what it is! Tighten our borders, stop believing Fantasyland tales of we can all just get along. We can’t so Rainbows and Sunshine of humanity holding hands and hugging are the real delusions and losers in the Political game of chess

    • Guthlac says:

      Thanks you for your comment…and I admire your certainty that Donald Trump is some form of visionary. However, from outside the USA, and I apologize if you too live outside of the USA, Trump’s view’s are really kinda scary. We are well aware that world isn’t some form of shangri la but it is really nasty. I guess most of us just don’t buy into the idea that building walls or demonising a whole section of society makes the place any better. However, the biggest problem the USA will face should Trump be elected isn’t how he may or may not react to what latest outrage comes crashing out of the never ending war that is the Middle East or Putin’s Russia but rather whether he is capable of dealing with the the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. You have to remember that the USA have a huge trade imbalance with China and that China owns a huge amount of the USA debt so blustering about trade wars with China really isn’t going to cut it as the USA has far more to lose than China. He may claim to be a great negotiator but he hasn’t dealt with anything like the Chinese who, after all, have been here before and are far better at taking the long view than a showman like Trump.

      So thank you for your views. I suspect you won’t be surprised that I don’t agree with you but as they say “It’s a free world”…well at least it is in some parts of the world anyway.

  2. odinra says:

    And I hit send to early… It’s a bad situation but a Trade War at this point is the only option we have as a state… It’s not a war exactly meant to outdo our foreign producers that Trump is purposing to wage.. its a War against the continual lose of our own industrial giants and bringing back the companies that have slowly trickled out for 40+ years

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