Autumn No. 1 – I’m really excited to bring you the best ever…

20150910-IMG_4612-Blue Berry 20150910-IMG_4614-Elder Berry 20150910-IMG_4624- Teasel

I do apologise for the hyperbole in the title but I have been infected by Apple speak after watching the greatest announcement ever, see I’m at it again, the iPad/iPhone/Apple TV launch last night.  I’m not sure which is worse – the unadulterated garbage coming out of the snake oil salesman and women’s mouths or that they might actually believe this guff.

As for my thoughts on the products well I think the iPad Pro is wonderful machine looking for a home.  I cannot see where it would fit into anybody’s work flow other than in some high end design house as most of the functions/apps demo’d last night don’t seem to fit on the iPad at all but rather on a much larger screen ie a professional design environment.  As for the medical use well I can’t believe that many medical students would be able to afford an iPad Pro whilst at the same time paying for their studies let alone the significant amount of money the software firm would want for their app.  Anyway don’t most medical staff now work from digital images of scans etc with patents?  The MS Office stuff looked interesting but that didn’t make any real use of the power of the iPad Pro let alone it’s screen.

The Apple TV looked interesting for only one reason, clearly Apple are trying to enter the games console market.  As for all the other functions we’ll have to wait and see but I have no faith that Siri works anything like they claim in the real world and so could become a Newtonesque millstone when trying to use this as the cornerstone of how things will work.

The iPhone looked interesting because of the new camera.  3D touch might be interesting but my experience of it’s sibling is somewhat underwhelming.  The one interesting thing shown last night, and it really demonstrates Apple’s ability distort reality was the Live Photos capability.  For those of you who didn’t watch the presentation Live Photos are 1.5 second video clips that the camera captures when you take a still image with the iPhone 6s.  You can then activate them by pressing on the photo image on the screen and suddenly the photo comes alive.  However,  these are not video clips no they are Live Photos but of course they are video clips and no matter how much Apple might claim that that they don’t take up much space they will.  Also they are captured by default so you storage is  going to be full of this pointless function.  This is progress and ‘super exciting’…we’ll see.

The presentation started off with an update to the Apple Watch which is the least fashionable watch I know yet Apple seem to think that it is.  I can say this as I own an Apple Watch and it is a really useful piece of kit and if I own anything then it is bound to be the least fashionable thing around.  According to my local Apple store the only watch that is really selling is the Sport which is the least expensive and yet most adept for the machine that it is.

Overall then the presentation was lacking anything that could be called groundbreaking but rather interesting upgrades.  However, this doesn’t make for great hyperbole so isn’t how things were presented but that’s Apple for you.

As for the photos they are the first from a project I’ve started called Autumn.  This is hardly original but I felt I to do something to rekindle my photographic fires.   They feel like early preseason friendlies or preliminary sketches but then again it is early autumn so we’ll have to see how things develop.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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