Project LV One – Day 264 – Realising Life is just a bucket of fish

Puffins landing - Skomer - Export

On the odd occasion during our journey through life’s strange universe we can come across days which prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no great rhyme or reason to life but rather it is a bunch of stuff.   As I was selecting this image iTunes started to play the video of the Pussycat Dolls’ Jai Ho which was released in conjunction with the film Slum dog millionaire (The video is below)

As I was watching this I started to think that this was not appropriate given all the problems of sexual violence aimed at women on Indian public transport.  Smug in my liberal sensibilities I carried on searching for an image from the archives.  As I did this it suddenly dawned on me I was behaving in a similar vain to the as the Fox News Expert, you decide how what expert means to Fox, who made some strange claim’s about the original city of Birmingham.  Whilst I have read and seen reports about sexual violence in India I have not the first clue about the true nature of the crime, being neither Indian nor female.   When you start going down this road most of us know very little about anything beyond our life experience and yet we feel the need to express an opinion all  the same.

This then reminded me about how David Attenborugh once described his feelings on the divine.  He said that human’s view of the world was very much like that of a termite in nest, they knew their place in the world but nothing beyond and so could never comprehend what it was like to be him looking down on them from the top of the mound.  This wasn’t an argument in favour of a world beyond our own but it was one of the best descriptions I have heard about the true nature of nature.  We just can say that we understand anything more than the smallest fraction it is possible to imagine and we should be very cautious of anyone who claims to be (another reason not to watch Fox News but I just can’t help myself!).

So why did I choose the image?   In part because I’m going through a lazy phase and haven’t got around to make anything new but also, and this is me imposing hindsight on things, because it reflects how we might actually see the world before our brains promulgates it’s own view on things or perhaps it is just an image I created nine years ago of a puffin coming into land on Skommer Island, Wales or perhaps it is know of those things but rather a collection of electrical pulses when read by your computer they create the illusion of an image.

Perhaps life really is a box of chocolates we just don’t have the brains to see it that way.

Jai Ho


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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