Project LV One – Day 263 – For the times they are a changing – those crazy climate change tories…

Winter Jan 2010

I was rummaging around in my archives today and found a series of images I captured back in at this time in 2010.  They were all taken in my back garden and as you can see there was a significant, by our standards, amount of snow on the ground.   Fortunately to date we have not seen anything like this at all this winter 9 I guess this is how to ensure we have record snow falls over the next few days!)

Is this a sign that global warming is a real things or some crazy environmentalist conspiracy to rob petrol chemical companies and introduce socialism?  Of course it is none of these things it is just one sample and misunderstands the connection between weather and climate.  To have a better understanding of the problems we are facing is just to know that here in Britain the mean temperature has been the warmest year on record.  There is plenty to debate what is the best way to deal with the unrelenting climb in temperature but denying this has any effect on things would seem to me to be the least satisfactory approach to take.

So we don’t seem to be getting cold winters here anymore what are well likely to get?

Wild Waves - Jan 2010

Anyone who lives along the coast last winter may well start to get used to far more of these than they have in past.  Sandbag anyone?

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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