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Back to some decent weather…

As with most things decent weather is a relative statement.   One person’s sunny day is another’s pollen hell.  The past week has been marked by a significant amount of rain which is what we have really needed for some time … Continue reading

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Walking in the mist…

This weather is crazy.   On Friday it was 18 degrees C and we haven’t had a frost as such for some time.  Whilst on a personal level it is wonderful not to have to endure a harsh winter you do … Continue reading

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Unexpected Turn…

Yesterday was all planned out.  I was off to revisit the excellent Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception at Compton Verney then my fellow traveller has to cancel because of a continuing back problem.   As a fellow back sufferer … Continue reading

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Hot days of Summer

So the first hot day of summer is here and the TV is demanding that we get out and enjoy whilst we can but I have a little secret to share, I’m not a sun person or rather I don’t … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 34 – Compare and Contrast

  Just 7 days ago the weather was wonderful…now we are back to good old blighty – cold and grey.  Oh well could be worse…much much worse and if you can’t take a joke you really should live in Britain. … Continue reading

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Golden Chain – turn off the light

  What else do you do when you’ve got a few minutes to spare?  Why not rummage around in the archives and see what you come up with?   Well that is just what I did this afternoon and I … Continue reading

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We got sunshine…for 30 seconds

Yes for 30 seconds this morning there was brilliant sunshine on these little chaps. However, we are now back to the cold grey skies. Here endth the weather report! Simon Marchini http://www.simonmarchini.co.uk

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Still snowing – but not really settling. I suspect if you surveyed the body of blogging work that is emanating from the British Isles this morning there would be a real bias towards weather and moaning about it. However, sliver … Continue reading

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Phew… what a difference a day makes

Well I think this proves that one should keep one’s mouth shut. Yesterday my only solace was that it wasn’t snowing. Today I don’t even have that. This is all caused by high pressure over Norway which is happily sucking … Continue reading

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Glum old day….at least it has stopped snowing.

Well it is not quite as bad as this, but never let the truth get in the way of a blog entry. Oh photography and truth there is a murky bog into which I don’t want to stray. But it … Continue reading

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