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What is a Mylie Cyrus? – this morning’s rant

This morning I found myself doodling whilst asking the question “What is a Mylie Cyrus?”   I really don’t think that the Cyrus is a real person but rather some strange creature created by some very cynical media operatives.   … Continue reading

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Naked Woman, Naked Women, Naked Women….

This is a quote from one of the best TV characters ever created – Jeff from Coupling. And so it is with my Flickr account. In the early part of the year I created a series of paintings of nude … Continue reading

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Sex really sells

I know I’ve written about this before, and do doubt again, but I’m really amazed as to how you can so easily attract attention to your sight by using sex. yesterday I blogged about a new painting I’m making of … Continue reading

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No more sex

That’s it – I’ve had enough of sex. Today I created the second painting in my ‘sex’ series and I suspect it may well be the last. I spent the first part of the morning searching the internet for images to ‘inspire’ me. Needless to say I found a wi… Continue reading

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