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Non Linear…

  Hope you had a great Christmas – me?  Well Christmas is today, Boxing day, when family visit.   This Christmas was a first of sorts as it was the first non-linear Christmas and so far it has been all the … Continue reading

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I’m just a poor boy

Out of all the dross on both Netflix and Amazon Prime in the UK, and I mean really deeply awful TV and movies, there are one or two gems.  Obviously with Netflix it is such series as House of Cards, … Continue reading

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In praise of Nicholas Sparks

… the scenes of a group of teenage and 20-something women sharing a featureless suburban house in Florida, watched over by an apparently amiable, eerily blank young talent agent who is a combination of concierge and pimp, are authentic and … Continue reading

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Revisiting old friends

  I had forgotten how much fun the Howard Stern sort of biography Private Parts was.  Thankfully Netflix has added this to their collection and I have been chuckling my way through the film ever since.   Of course the … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 235 – I am a Rock

Hiding in my room, safe within my womb. Paul Simon I don’t know why but these few works fascinate me…silly really but there we go.  Yesterday I spent too much my time watching the latest Netflix blockbuster Marco Polo.  It … Continue reading

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House of Cards – Season 2

WARNING:  This contains no spoilers…I Hope The internet is a wonderful thing at times.  It allows you to indulge all manner of personal prejudice as well as pleasures and satisfies many  less savoury needs…yes we now know what Frank Underwood’s … Continue reading

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