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Decay and Renew – Day 5

Autumn is finally hitting – although the temperature is still quite warm.  Leaves are falling and seeds and berries are out in abundance.  In all of this decay there are the seeds of renewal.

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Something that I have never understood

Over the years I have looked at many many photographs and one thing has puzzled more each time more than anything else – why is it important to know the F stop and shutter speed etc?   I suspect I am … Continue reading

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Autumn – some blasts from the past

  Here is a small collection of some of the Autumn photographs I have made in the past.  Some are a bit cliched I know but they are nonetheless very Autumnal.  Of course I won’t be able to make half … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 109 – A Day to Forget.

Well it certainly wasn’t the berries of that I am sure.  But yesterday was a day to forget!  I had eaten something on Friday night that didn’t agree with me and so spent much of Saturday and Sunday regretting it … Continue reading

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