Can you feel it?….

No longer are we to Stay at Home but rather we must Stay Alert!   We may start to go outside and exercise a little further a field – distance is undisclosed – Shetland Isles perhaps?   I know politics is a brutal and unforgiving business but I do get the smallest whiff of decay around Boris Johnson.  He fortunately doesn’t have a cesspool of MPs at Westminster plotting (Zoom and WhatsApp don’t really capture the pleasure of sitting in a favourite corner of a bar to plot with your colleagues(?)) So for now Boris is safe but if I can sense blood then I am sure the crazed sharks of the Conservative party certainly can.

I think Boris will certainly be Staying Alert if not he is doomed.*





*I fully expect that in 10 years time when Boris is celebrating 10 years in power such predictions of doom will be seen for what they most probably are – total bollocks!

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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2 Responses to Can you feel it?….

  1. A C Harper says:

    Might I offer an interesting link? There’s an argument that there are really two middle classes . The Clerisy and the Yeomanry.

    Rather than the awkward liberal elites vs populism it provides a different perspective. The Clerisy, a group that makes its living largely in quasi-public institutions, notably universities, media, the non-profit world, and the upper bureaucracy, have been ascendant for some time and so see reversals like Brexit, Trump, Boris as class warfare against them and their international brotherhood. They are correct. This battle has been running for centuries, except the Clerisy were clerics (the original usage) and the Yeomanry were non-serf minor landowners and the skilled trades.

    Boris (and Trump etc.) may share a background with those of the Clerisy but they have managed to appear (or actually be) Yeomen (of the traditional middle class, which consists of small business owners, minor landowners, craftspeople, and artisans).

    The Clerisy will continue to attack whoever represent their class enemies… but that will just endear them to their Yeoman class brothers and sisters.

    Interesting times.

    • Guthlac says:

      Interesting times indeed. The conflict between the Town and Gown County v Metropolis is also very old indeed. Perhaps the best example comes from the 14th century where the peasants revolt, they weren’t peasants but rather the Yeoman of the shire, revolted against clergy and the ruling class – the Archbishop of Canterbury was murdered and the hated monks and their abbey of St Albans were ransacked. If you stretch a point just a little (well all right quite a lot) the young King Richard 2nd became the champion of peasants and lead them to victory only to then betray them all and have the ring leaders hung! Boris as a Richard 2nd figure? I think I hear the elastic snapping around about now. But the point is you are right there has always been this tension in English society and it has also thrown up some very odd sorts who claim to lead them.

      ON to my main point I just feel that Boris is a changed man. A good friend of mine wondered if he might have lost the stomach for the fight and less face it he did have a near death experience just over a month ago and that is bound to change a person’s perspective on life. This I suspect can be sensed by members of his party and they will have taken note.

      Interesting times we all face.

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