Can You Hear Me?…….

Thankfully my moody moaning has passed and I have returned to quiet resignation of my lot – this is how life is going to be from now for a while yet and there really isn’t a great deal I can do about it.

As for the lockdown I suspect that it is starting to crumble at the edges.  I live near to a main road and a major motorway. This morning I was out capturing some of these photographs and I became aware as to just how noisey the distant traffic rumble was.   It was the first time I was aware of it for several weeks so perhaps it wasn’t as loud as it normally was, before the lockdown that is.  I know it is hardly very scientific but….  To counter this I have just looked out of a window towards the main road and there isn’t a traffic build up at all.  It is the height of the rush hour and  before the lockdown there would be lines of traffic – this isn’t the case at the moment.   So you make of that you might.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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