34 Days

Are these the end times?   Is the rapture about to start?   I haven’t got the first clue although I have just been listening to a podcast about the rapture and it is possible to suggest that Britain leaving the EU as a sign that this isn’t the end times. (I am not a theologian and find it hard to understand the teachings of John Darby but I am sure should a follower of Darby read this they would be able to explain.) .  Does this count as a good news story?  These days perhaps it does.

Anyway I have been asking myself why it is that Boris Johnson is using such inflammatory language at the moment?   One reason of course is that he is under immense pressure and that is getting to him – hence the language being used.  Another view may well be that this is all part of the great plan intended to provoke the Jeremy Corbyn to give in and support a general election before the 31st of October.  Perhaps this is the case but like every other leg of the great plan at the moment this doesn’t appear to be working as conceived.

However, there is a second audience that most commentators seem to have been ignoring – the European Union.   What seems to be forgotten in all this is that the only way that Britain can guarantee it will not leave the EU on the 31st of October is to revoke the article 50.   If that doesn’t happen then any extension relies on the unanimous agreement of all the other EU countries.   If this is not forthcoming then we are out and this is the audience I believe Boris Johnson is trying to influence.  What he saying is that give me a deal I can sell or don’t give an extension because this chaos is going to continue and you, the EU, are going to be paralysed by it.

The one person who looks like he may well agree with Boris Johnson is the French President Emmanuel Macron.  He sees his grand plans for the future of the EU collapsing in front of his eyes because of the British crises and although he might be the leader of one of the countries  most affected by a no deal Brexit might consider that a price worth paying to save the his plans and therefore the EU. Macron is also big enough within the EU not to be bullied by the Germans into not agreeing with them.

Is this the case?   I have no idea and we’ll all have to wait until after the event to find out.  I guess it is bit like the rapture in that sense.   You have to have faith.


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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