63 Days

Taylor: You maniacs! You blew it up!

So the sound we heard yesterday was blind furry with a huge tinge of hypocrisy. “I don’t want to hyperbolic..” as a Scottish politician might have said just before being hyperbolic – I can’t recall amongst all the sound and fury.   All I can say is plague on both your houses.   Where were all of these parliamentarians when they could have voted for the withdrawal agreement in the Spring?   If they really wanted leave with a deal this was the only deal in town and they refused to vote for it – three times.   You cannot have it both ways but of course they will do.

Of course the plotters and the schemers biggest fault was  that they were fighting the last war.   They thought that what happened in the Theresa May era would happen in the Boris Johnson era.   I think they have now been disabused by what happened yesterday.  All their clever plans that they excitingly feed to lobby journalists have been demonstrated to be hot air.   There is no way to stop the executive now other than by a vote of no confidence and I do not believe there is a majority for that because of Jeremy Corbyn who had the temerity of suggesting that as the leader of the second largest party in the House of Commons he should lead any interim government bent on stopping the exit in October – assuming the EU agree which I really think is less and less likely because of the EU’s own short sightedness.

We remainers have been defeated.  We need to come to terms with that and work out how to change things after the 31st October 2019.  Bollocks to Brexit was fun whilst it lasted but that is now soooo last season.   The real fight should be about shaping Britain for its non EU membership future;  Stopping the Brexit party narrative that it was Nigel wot won it and making sure that the future relationship between Britain and EU accepts that you can’t fight old wars again and again and instead move forward together to make the most of the opportunities that are on offer.

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