Wandering Around…

Rain rain go away come again another day…

So the traditional nursery rhyme goes.   Today is the ‘another day‘ so it has given me chance to think a little about my new 85mm f1.8 lens.   I have to say I really like the results it is giving me.   I have no interest in whether it has the best this or that I just want something that will help me produce great images when I point it at a subject.   Against this very subjective  benchmark I think it is passing with flying colours.   Still it is very early days but I am reassured by the results to date.

The images above were captured using my 90mm macro lens which is almost twice the length of the 85mm.  I don’t understand that but then again I don’t really care so long as they help me create the images I want.

This is the final lens in my bag of primes to replace the cumbersome 24mm – 105mm zoom I initially bought last year.   I don’t regret the change one little bit as the primes offer so many more opportunities that the zoom never did.  There are downsides of course but these are more than out weighed by the quality that the primes bring even the nifty fifty. – Well at least that is what I think – you may disagree and that is fine.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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2 Responses to Wandering Around…

  1. TinyJeremy says:

    Very nice one

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