So here we go again…being bathed in a whole new swath of photographic tech from major companies such as Canon and Apple.   We are told that this is the greatest yet or whatever hyperbole that Apple came up with last night to try and hide the fact that there wasn’t anything really new and cutting edge (please don’t mention the Bokeh) in the  latest iPhone range.   It is the same with the so called mirrorless wars raging at the moment amongst the major camera manufacturers.   Missing in all this nonsense, and Apple does get a bit of pass here as their camera is also attached to a phone, is the fact that these are just tools – nothing more.  They are a means to an end rather than an end in themselves.   Yes I’m sure it is very reassuring to have  two SD Card slots (this is an internet thing at the moment and I can see some of the advantages but really?) or IBIS or or or.   This is not what photography is all about.   It is about creating images that mean something to you and possibly other people.   Tech can help at times but mostly it doesn’t really as much as the camera companies would like you to think.   In fact it can just get in the way (Again I’m trying not to think about the Apple Bokeh experience) of making an image.

Of course one of the reasons I’m in this comugenly mood about the latest developments is because I have started to watch the video output on YouTube of vloggers taking about photography.   They need to have something to say and spend an awful lot of time doing so.   As with everything there is a range of good, many bad and indifferent vlogs (Yes I do understand the irony that I am moaning about a blog in a blog).   They can be entertaining if you don’t take them too seriously and certainly don’t start to read the comments below – there really is the road to damnation.   But the one thing that does drive them all forward is the need to have and keep an audience – hence the need to talk about the latest piece of kit.   Some of them are so important to a companies marketing strategy that they are flown thousands of miles to try the companies new products.   Very nice but again misses the point.   They are looking at the latest shovel rather than the ditch it helped dig…very interesting but.

So there we have it – a bit of a rant from me about the obsession of the new tech in photography (his is hardly new I know and in the past I have suffered from this condition).   It is very nice and enjoyable at the time but if you don’t have the eye then it is next to useless.   Now I have no idea whether I have the eye but I do make photographic images that I find pleasing and this was made using tech that was so last year – in fact the main camera I took with me to Edinburgh was so 2012!   How did I survive?

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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