There’s somethin’ ’bout Tulip

There is something about Tulip

It was the time of the Preacher…as Willie Nelson wrote and that is certainly how I feel.  The first season of Preacher has been a real breath of fresh air a fillip in this ever increasingly crazy world.   Yes I know that it is a blood soaked programme fill of the worst types but compared to the real world well it is heaven on earth.  Over blown a bit that last sentence but it reflects how I feel about how the world is going at the moment rather than placing far too much emphasis on a TV programme.

Of the six central characters only five appear at the moment to be around for the next season, although the sixth probably is as well but to say anymore would be to spoil things and if you want that then why not take a look at The Guardian spoiler heavy review of the first season – well done Stuart Heritage.  The one character who , more than anyone else for me , stands out above the rest is Tulip played by the wonderful Ruth Negga.  A more badass girl you could not wish to meet but yet through it all there is a sense of, I was going to say vulnerability but that is far too unfair on Tulip.  No she would just as easy shot you in the heart as break your heart.  For such warmth and hard steel Negga must take most of the credit.

So there we are I am fan boy and can’t wait until next season.  If you want one reason to get Amazon Prime, other than the free delivery which I know isn’t free at all, then Preacher is it.  End of puff piece.

PS…I’ve just read on Wiki that Negga and Dominic Cooper, Preacher,  are an item…explains the on screen chemistry.

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