Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes

There are many feelings clashing through my brain at the moment, non of them on the positive side of the gauge.  I guess the senseless murder of Jo Cox has had a greater effect on me than I would have given credit to.   But what has had a far greater toll on me is that we have witnessed the utter depravity that seems to streak through parts of the Tory party.   The idea that these clashing nutters are going sit quietly together after whatever the result is on Friday is  unlikely to say the least.  Perhaps David Cameron has done a service to the country as a whole and he has exposed the dark heart of the modern Tory party. Of course there are just as many dark movements in parts of the Labour party it is just that somehow they don’t seem as craven as those we have seen on the Tory side.

The referendum debate was supposed to be about the pros and cons of membership of the European Union.   There are significant arguments on either side and any judgement is a fine one between the two.  it is just that we haven’t really heard any of arguments for and against leaving.  Instead what we have heard are lies falsehoods and deceit from both the Remain and Leave campaigns – both of which have been dominated by the Conservative high command.  When you see the true nature of the senior Conservative party members suddenly Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t seem so bad.  This is not to say that all Conservative MPs are this disreputable far from it.  I suspect many of the new intake of MPs since 2010 can’t understand just why there is the need to be so bitter to one another, I of course discount Boris Johnson in that statement who I believe as demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt how unfit he is for high office.   I suspect amongst the new intake of Tory MPs there are many people of the stature of the late Jo Cox.  It is just that the vainglorious behaviour of their more senior colleagues somewhat tars them with the same brush.

Over the weekend many commentators have pointed out that there are many good, hardworking, dedicated women and men who are are MPs.  I believe this up to a point and that point is the utter disreputable Remain and Leave campaign.   I really don’t believe that that this is the British way of doing things – unfortunately I suspect the British way is changing to a much more dishonest, disreputable and ultimately self defeating way.  I do hope I am wrong.

One final thought – why do politicians use twitter?   They are exposing themselves to the worst abuse out there for no real benefit.  Twitter is collapsing due to the twin failures of a bankrupt business model and its association with abusive behaviour.  If this is correct then my advice to any politician is to get out – the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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