Autumn No 6

Warren Hills 001 Warren Hills 002 Warren Hills 003

Sometimes when you stand on top the world you realise just how insignificant we all are.  Of course the Charnwood Hills are now little more than just that hills.  However, they are also some of the oldest pieces of real estate on the  earth so it is reasonable to assume that one day they were much much higher and the land all around was sea, perhaps like the Hawaiian Islands or Iceland.  Whichever is the correct metaphor a whole lot of the earth’s history has passed below their flanks and given that we have only been on this earth less than blink of a geological eye we should realise that our role is at best fleeting and so we should show a little more humility. We are not the centre of the universe.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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