Be careful what you wish for

Hubris is, according to Wiki is a word of Greek origin meaning extreme pride and self confidence which, as we all know, usually comes before a fall.  So it is just at the moment in the Tory press and parts of the Conservative Party.  They have got exactly what they wanted, Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party and they will be wheeling out every type of attack against the man possible over the next few months.  Only problem is I doubt few people will be listening as they will be far more interested in the collapse of the Conservative Government as it ties itself in knots over the connected problems of Europe and the ever increasing refugee crises.  I suspect by Christmas of this year things will be getting really bad because we might just have our own Kos incident somewhere in the English Channel and the whole facade will crumble.

This whole thing started because david Cameron thought it would be such a good wheeze to offer the unreformed (unreformable) wing of the  Conservative Party the chance to let their prejudices over Europe finally be put to the people who, if truth be known, don’t give too hoots about the European Union other than to moan about the latest artifical scare created by the Daily Mail/Express etc.   Cameron is trying to get some amendments to the relationship of Britain to the rest of Europe as part of this process.  However, he is frustrating what little hope he may have getting anything by dragging his feet over the refugee crises by basically saying, ‘It’s nothing to do with me guv..’ whilst forgetting his role in the Libyan debacle.  Europe is not listening.  However, his party’s listening    and everytime he opens his mouth he seems to make things worse.  Suddenly the strains that the Labour Party are going to feel over the next few months don’t seem that bad.

The one thing that Labour have got going for them at the moment is that they no longer sound like the Tory party.   Whether this is enough to win the next election I have grave doubts but at least they now have a genuine Labour voice of someone who seems to believe in something.  yes the next few months are going to be very rocky for Labour but this will subside as the catastrophic earthquakes take place on the government benches.  The best thing that Labour can do right now is Let Jeremy be Jeremy and get him out there as much as possible rather than playing silly games in the House of Commons.  Whether it will be enough only time will tell.  Let the Games Begin.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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