Project LV One – Day 241 – Painting

Hazel 007

One of the joys of being a relative neophyte, if you can be such a thing – neophyte is probably a binary state but I digress, when it comes to art is that you just take things as they are.   I’ve done my bit for Queen and country and now it is time for me to explore things I have never done before is probably the best way to describe why I make art.  However, on my travels through this exotic and strange world I have come to realise that art is the way that many people make their living and they have a rather intimate relationship to their studio – something I have to say I don’t have.  This thought has been rattling around my head ever since I read  a recent blog written by my friend David Manley as he says goodbye to his old studio.

I have never seen my studio as a work place, somewhere I go to find camaraderie and inspiration but clearly for many people, I guess that David is not alone in the appeal of the studio, it is far more than somewhere to paint and make a mess doing it with out too many worries.  Perhaps I still am a  neophyte after all.


Talking of painting those of you who pop along to this blog from time to time will have notice I am working on Hazel again.  I would love to say that I suddenly had a rush of inspiration as to how to rescue a rather disappointing painting but the truth is much more mundane than that – I just couldn’t leave it sitting on my easel in the state I had left it.  So rather than high flying imagination just a sullen realisation that I just couldn’t leave it like that.  I’ll let you decide which is the truer artistic impulse.


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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