Let me tell you a story about a sausage

If you ever wanted to know how the British Government works There is a wonderful series of comedy programmes made by the BBC called Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.  Whilst they were made in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s they are as relevant now as then. They follow the bumblings of Jim Hacker on his journey from government minister to Prime Minister.  He continually has to battle with a senior civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby and this battle is all you need to know as to how the whole machine works.

The reason why I bring this up is because the way that Jim Hacker becomes Prime Minister on the back of a trumped up European story about renaming British sausages.  I thought about this again this morning when the papers were screaming about a £1.7 billion surcharge that Britain and other EU countries are going to have to pay to the EU itself.  The details are irrelevant what isn’t is that this give David Cameron the chance to do battle with Europe and get this mythical £1.7 billion back for the British people.  In one stroke the great leader saves each citizen about £200 and we should all bow down to his greatness.  To make this even more of a pantomime story the money has to be paid by December or else which seems hardly likely .  To make the story even more unbelievable no one in Government had any idea this was going to happen until yesterday.

Of course there might be another reason why this has come about.  The EU are so insensitive to political needs of Cameron that they want to rock the boat and so how is boss when it comes to any renegotiations – after all Cameron did go out of his way to block the appointment of Mr Junker – this could be pay back for that.  However, if this were the case then we really are all screwed because some of the other countries that are supposed to pay up include Italy, heavenly in debt and the basket case to end all basket cases Greece how is still on life support.  Just to add insult to injury to Greece Germany would receive a £614 million rebate.   If this is how the EU is run then suddenly UKIP doesn’t have to say another word – the EU will force Britain out of the EU without a shot being fired.

If you are wondering the trumped sausage story ends with a typical distortion of the truth and Hacker becomes Prime Minister…I wonder if this is what might happen here?

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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