Project LV One – Day 33 – Pleasantville


Sometimes the strangest things happen that make you stop and think about predeterminism.   However, the universe is infinite so somewhere sometime these random things are bound to happen in such a way as to lead one to believe there is a plan – I really hope there isn’t as otherwise what is the point of all this as the the whole things is pretty awful?.  Today we in Britain and the rest of Europe, yes we are part of Europe whether we like it or not, are waking up to our own tea party moment.  Mostly right wing and very right wing parties have won significant votes in the European election.

Probably the one thing that links all these things is a wish to return to a time or certainties, a time when you knew what was right, what was true and what it meant to be a member of a country (Enter European Country here – it doesn’t seem to make any difference).  Now, of course, things are different and many of the certainties of the past no longer exist and a lot of people are worried by this.   There would appear to be coorelation between levels of education and a propensity  to vote for these parties of the past (My interpretation but it seems to fit) – the higher level of education you have the less likely are you to have voted for one of these parties.

This is were Pleasantville comes in.  Here a fictional town has to deal with change and many don’t like it.  However, they get used to it and then move on – sorry if that is a bit of a spoiler.  So as I was watching the film this evening this all came into focus.  Not sure if this revaluation will change anything but it certainly inspired me to make this drawing

Liquid State

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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