Project LV One – Day 17 – thinking about last year


Choices and decisions.  This is the whole point of life – we all make choices whether we want to or not – our lives are resplendent in them and the we have to learn to live with the results.  One of the decisions I have had to make is about my 2013 year book – just what images should I use?

I have a pile of sketch books,  paintings and other artistic endeavour’s I made during 2013 just waiting to sift through to make the best representation as to what I was creating in 2013.  All well and good but any image I capture of the analogue images will by definition be an image I would have created in 2014 – especially as I was will no doubt post produce the image to meet my current tastes.   Just how do I get around this?   Well the decision I have made is to just use digital images of analogue work I made in 2013.  This will restrict the work that I could include but at least each of the images will have actually been made in 2013.  It, however, has the bonus of saving a lot of time and effort as I will only have to choose from just over 500 images – far more manageable.

This image demonstrates what I am talking about.  Both of the images were created in 2013 yet I have chosen combine them in 2014.  I have also post produced them as well so this images is a 2014 image and reflects how I felt this evening about the combination.  They were not made to be combined and I only decided to combine them as a result of looking at my 2013 images this evening.  Choices and Decisions made in 2014.

Let the river flow.


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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