Project LV One – Days 10 & 11

20140504-IMG_001450-Edit 20140504-IMG_1778 - The King Stone - Rollright 20140504-IMG_1796 - The Kings Men - Rollright 20140504-IMG_1908 - The Kings Men - Rollright 20140504-IMG_1923 - The View from the King Stone - Rollright 20140504-Photo 04-05-2014 07 21 45 - The King Stone - Rollright 20140504-Photo 04-05-2014 07 26 20 (1) - The King Stone - Rollright 20140504-Photo 04-05-2014 07 54 54 - The Whispering Knights - Rollright 20140504-Photo 04-05-2014 08 33 52-Edit

For lots of reasons day 10 didn’t exist.  However day 11 saw me back to my old tricks – an early start and on the road to get the good light .  This morning I was on the Cotswolds visiting the ancient stone monument called The Rollright Stones and boy was it cold!

For the one or two people who have been following my output over the years you will know that I have a number of projects bubbling away  and the Rollright stones is a strange meting point for them all.   Not only are the images part of Project LV One, they also are part of the Deep Time project – the stone used is the local Jurassic oolithic limestone – around 200 millions old as well as their construction being between 4000 and 5000 years old – deep time for human consciousness.  The final part of this nexus is that they sit next to a salt way – which has consumed so much of my time over the past few years.

On a more boring point the photography today again demonstrated the marginal quality of the iPhone 5S when compared to camera roughly the same price – the Canon G1x.  Now the Canon is no saint but the image it produces are superb, it’s just that you some times have to struggle to get the bloody thing to work the way you want it to or is it me?   Anyway, I knew that when I bought the thing so it is an interesting challenge.

So back to the iPhone 5s.   The image quality starts to collapse rapidly if you don’t have really good lighting conditions.  One of the way you can get around this is by using Photo app – my favourite is KitCam and this enables the user to constructively capitalise on the iPhone’s limitations – I have made some really great images this way.  It is the same with Pano function –  use it in excellent lighting condition and don’t push it and the results are superb – however it is too easy to go beyond the quality threshold and when this happens the image gets very mush very quickly.   I suspect I’m being too critical as most users will never view the images beyond either their iPhone or Facebook which are too small to really show the faults of the image quality.

So what is the purpose of this bitch about the iPhone?   We are starting to enter the twilight zone of Macboy fandom when, to quote a very popular movie, ‘…everything is awesome…’ and don’t you dare say it isn’t.  The WWDC is just around the corner when we have a series of much anticipated product launches – the speculation meter is already at 11.   I love my iPhone and it is my camera of choice but it isn’t up to much when you compare it to a real camera.


I want it all

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