Time for reflection…no lets just move on…please.

So ding dong the witch is dead…seems to be the unofficial anthem to mark the passing of Lady Thatcher. Whether this is a fit and proper sentiment to have is really moot. To be quite honest I just don’t care. The news channels have at least had something else to report over the past couple of days, nothing gets the news rooms blood rushing than genuine breaking news and the outrage at Boston, Mass was just that.

But today we will be back to wall to wall coverage of the funeral. We can also expect some form of outrageous protest from someone who will claim that they are doing it on behalf of this or that. Hopefully it will only be outrageous rather than anything more dangerous but you never know. Then she will be gone and perhaps we can get back to the 21st century rather than reliving and fighting the battles of 30 years ago. I guess this is one of the great faults of this country in that we always seem to be looking back. Perhaps it is because we think things were better in the past – they were not. If I hear one more ageing left wing politician claiming that things were better before Thatcher I think I’ll scream Equally if another right wing politician claims that we need to be more like Thatcher’s Britain then god help me what I’ll do.

Both seem to forget that they are looking at a foreign country, one that they may have lived in at the time, but has now changed. We should try and look forward to influence things that we can rather than wishing things were like they were in the past, when we didn’t live as long, we didn’t have as much opportunities (yes they are still there) and were not part of a connected world. Here is just one example. In the 1980’s I couldn’t see photography from ordinary people from around the world. I couldn’t experience, however remotely, their lives as I can today. My world seemed much smaller than it does today, so closed and grainy.

Perhaps the witch’s death we should be celebrating is the past. Ding Dong indeed.

Simon Marchini
Web: http://WWW.simonmarchini.co.uk

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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