Web Site Blues…


I have just spent sometime trying to set up one of my friends new web site only to fail miserably.  I have no idea why it won’t work but I suspect the ‘free service’ is little more than a con (perhaps I am being unfair on the unnamed company as this may all be user error.  If this is the case then their set up process is crap!)

This made me re visit my site and I have made one or two more tweaks.  The first I linked the site to my Posterous blog instead on the Blogspot version.  I have also introduced better integration from the Posterous blog and the web site.   The final thing I have done is posted a new intro photo.  All this took about 15 minutes which reinforces my view expressed above.

Simon Marchini LRPS

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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