The lark….


So I continue in what is now known as self isolation or distancing…not because I have the coronavirus but because the wound on me leg needs to be kept elevated to heal.   Such are the cards that life deals us all…

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For Fidelity….

Oh the joys of self isolation…just ask James Delos.   But before you start to think I might have caught the the Coronavirus let me reassure that is not the case .   No instead I have got to put my foot up for a week or so because I have got a nasty insect bite on my leg and it has left what appears to be a crater.  Things are getting better day by day but I can’t really go very far because I need keep off of my feet as much as possible so I’m sort of house bound at the moment.

What it has meant is that I have been able to really get stuck into tasks that I have put off for months and of course rewatch season two of Westworld in preparation for the next season hitting our screens over the weekend.


So at the moment I do have a real empathy with those who have self isolated due to the Coronavirus and I have to say so far the British government seem to have handled things reasonably well.   However, it is far too soon to pass any final judgement whether this is more by luck than judgement unless of course we cast our eyes across the Atlantic and see just how badly these things can be handled and suddenly everything over hear is indeed peachy.

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It’s Nine O’Clock on a Saturday….

As Billy Joel started to sing those words I looked up at the clock and it was indeed nine o’clock although I think he was sing about PM rather than AM on a Saturday.



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The sky is blue….and it was this morning.  However, it didn’t disguise the fact that it was cold in the wind still it was nice to get a bit of parklife.

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Time to dry out I hope….

Well that was a winter to forget.  None of the crisp dawns this time around just the thuds of rain on the conservatory roof as clouds rolled in from the west and did their best to make everything muddy!

There were some bright days but they were far too few.  Instead it was wet and  far too dank.  Instead of hard frosts we got mud and then more mud and the formation of new lakes that haven’t really disappeared since the late summer.  Thankfully, this has made for interesting images but little else.

So lets us all hope that the spring starts to dry things out and the place returns back to some form of normality, providing we don’t panic over the latest winter virus and instead take sensible precautions and accept that people, at this time of year, get ill and some unfortunately don’t survive.  Hopefully the longer days and warmer weather might help to bring this latest outbreak under some form of control before we all lose our heads – the media are certainly not helping!

So the early buds are out and as I write this it is a cool but bright morning outside.   Let us hope this is the start of a wonderful spring…just please far less rain!

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Shouting at Tea….

The processes of aging starts the moment you leave the womb but of course you have all that distracting growing up getting in the way of the fact that we are all going to die!   The older you do get you start to notice things are not quite the way they used to be.  For many it is hair.   Where there used to be long locks now there is the appearance of an ever increasing forehead.  For others it is the fact the clothes that used to be comfortable are now are too tight. The whole process never slows down just as time seems to speed up – ‘…where did those last ten years go?…’

In our modern fully connected social media world where seem things move even faster than they ever did it is rewarding to read someone who also finds things just too absurd.  This morning I was reading the ever wonderful Caitlin Moran’s celebrity watch in the Times and her recounting of the trials of Yorkshire Tea.  In this polished diamond in a crazy crazy world she distilled the madness of Twitter into one question… are you Shouting at Tea?

Sometimes I think I might just be.

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Inane Ramblings….

Clean Bandit.

For some time now I have quite liked some of the singles that Clean Bandit have out out – especially with Jess Glynne – so this morning I thought I would take a much deeper dive into their back catalogue and unfortunately I can’t say I enjoyed the experience.  To my aging ear it would seem that whoever writes the songs for Clean Bandit (having checked their Wikipedia discography if would seem that it is mainly Patterson and Chatto with a varying number of other people contributing) it would seem that  have one of possibly two styles.   Now what do I know as Clean Bandit  have won several industry awards and I think it is far to say that I am not the target audience by probably 30 plus years.  However, that is blatantly ageist so I guess my views are as relevant as anyone else.  Perhaps I should persist and I might get to like the back catalogue.  Perhaps, but life is too short and I think I’ll stick to the hits I like.

Canon FD Lenses

I’m still trying to make the A6000/Canon FD lens combo work and it does right up to a point.  That point is reached when I realise that my iPhone is more than capable of capturing the same images with none of the focusing hastles.  The only saving grace is that every now and then the combo does really work and the A6000 sensor is still eons better than the Apple because in comparison it is huge and, despite what Apple will tell you, in this case size does matter.  I will give a while longer but I am coming to the samee conclusions that I did last year.

Red Wall

What world are the contenders for the Labour leadership living in?  I really am not that sure.  Not one of them has articulated any plan to try and stop Labour doing a Scotland in their former heartland, the so called Red Wall seats. (This is before they even try and recover something of their former glory in Scotland itself.)   Now I expect Rebecca Long Bailey to regurgitate the failed Corbyn message (winning the argument, if that is what they did which is dubious,  is of no value whatsoever if you you don’t win the seats) and adopting the condescending view that the voters they lost will return when Boris Johnson fails to deliver.   I feel that misses the point because all those previous solid Labour seats are not served at all by a party that has not hope of gaining power anytime soon so why should the voters return?  There is also quite a bit of evidence now that this shift didn’t just happen in 2019 but was gestating for a much longer period.  If that is the case then the Labour party has to start to try and connect with the voters rather than satisfying themselves.

This became more apparent as I walked around Leicester this afternoon.  There are more and more  shops closing and despite the best efforts of the local Mayor it is starting to feel more like a ghost town (a bit over dramatic but it does show which way the city centre is moving.).  The city of Leicester is a labour stronghold with the MPs for Leicester east and Leicester west representing the gulf of the divide at the heart of Labour’s current problem.  The Mayor on the other hand is probably a bit more Blairite than Corbynite and no doubt will attempt to get as much money out of central government’s Red Wall spending as he can.

Now I am sure that the MPs for Leicester West and South would support him in that endeavour but the Leicester East MP is probably going to find things a lot more complicated, to say the least, should she do the same.  This in a nutshell is why the Labour party has got so far to go before they ever come within a sniff of power.  Which some might find very satisfying but I don’t.  The Government, any Government, usually functions best when they have an effective opposition.  I fear that if is going to be sometime before that is the case again.

“Without power, nothing matters” – James Carville


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