I don’t feel like dancing…

So what a great way to start the year – Donald Trump jumps into the mess that is the Middle East.   Nobody has the first clue how this will work out other than nothing good will probably come of it – no one knows especially the talking heads and commentators who yet again claim some secret knowledge and actually have a lot lot less than they think.

I’ve spent the last few days editing a couple of books I’m putting together.   It is draining work so for a bit of light relief I made this identikit woman drawing.

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Time is a funny old thing…


So that was 2019 and of course the second decade of the 21st century.   We should all go out and celebrate and rejoice – hurrah!   Of course as I write this on New Years’ Eve over half of the world’s population is already in 2020 (Gregorian Calendar).  However, if you are a muslim and are using the Islamic Calendar according to Google today is Jumada I 5, 1441 AH.  I could go on but I think you get the point.  New Years is just a human construct to categorise the earth’s orbit of the sun.  It doesn’t mean anything in any real sense other than what we want it to mean.

However, it is useful to take stock on such anniversaries and so I thought I would compare and contrast the images I made on the first day of the decade to the last day.  So all the images above are from January 1st 2010 and were captured in Calke Abbey, Derbyshire.  They have been remastered so that they can make use of the the latest Adobe software – it makes is a significant difference.

The images from today were captured as I walked around the city of Leicester.   I think I might be interested in different things today compared to  10 years ago.

One thing is clear is that there was a frost on the first day of the decade.  As the last embers of the day set it certainly isn’t going to freeze.  Indeed, it is becoming clearer as every day passes that frosts are going to be the least of our problems going forward.   That is why I no longer after travel miles to capture images of wind turbines but rather travel a few miles or so  up the road.  Huge coal burning power stations are quickly dying off (Sorry Donald but coal is on the way out in the West at least) to be replaced in part by an ever increasing number of wind farms. I wonder if 10 years from now, assuming I’m still here, how we’ll look back on the 2010’s? Too little Too Late?   I hope not.


Happy New Year.

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Young Heart….

For me Christmas is a strange time of year.   Unlike many people have worked on many Christmas days and so the day itself isn’t that remarkable.  Instead, the important day is when all the family get together and enjoy each other’s company.  That wasn’t Christmas day.

So for all of those people out there who are working I wish you well and I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas that works well for you.  Otherwise may I wish everyone else who might come across this blog on Christmas day as very happy Christmas.

Me…well I made this painting of Joker.

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Let it Go… Let it Go….

I had such great plans for this afternoon then it rained and rained so rain stopped play!   Instead I have just been busying myself with a bit of sketching.


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It’s one of those things…


So the winter is now in full swing..short damp days and long cold nights.   Fortunately the frosts have yet to arrive in force but I’m sure they won’t be too far away.   Another things that seems to regularly happen in the winter is that I get some form of stomach bug.  I feel off it for a few days but then things sort them self out and I’m back to what now passes for normal.  Still it does give me an opportunity to draw a bit.

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A Time to Reflect…..


it is all just guesswork so with that in mind my guess for how the election will turn out is:

  • The Conservatives will be the largest party but nowhere near an overall majority
  • Labour has a bad election and loses some seats but perhaps not too many votes
  • The Lib Dems do well and so do the SNP.

1 Day – my  prediction of the election result

Shows how much I know!   Although if you look at the percentage swings of the three main national parties then another picture is painted where the Liberal Democrats have had the biggest swing to them of 4.2%.  However, given our electoral system they end up losing an MP rather than gaining several (their leader!)

So what are my thoughts about the last election?   I suspect this is going to upset some of my Labour leaning friends but I have to say I’m fascinated by what is to come.   For the last 10 years we have been suck in a muddle of relatively weak governments but now we have a government with a very impressive majority.   I have no idea what this government is going to do but this is all down to them now.   There are no more excuses; no other party to hide behind or use as a shield.  If it all goes tits up then it will be the Tories fault and they can be….I was going to say kicked out but there is the problem.  We have no opposition.  No government in waiting. Nothing.

Where there was once the noble patriotic party of the workers we now have a hollow shell whose members are too busy fighting amongst themselves to notice that they are rapidly becoming irrelevant.  All I have heard this weekend from the Labour party is delusional nonsense.  Apparently it was all Brexit’s fault.   If it hadn’t been for Brexit then they would have marched into Government.   Perhaps they are right but I don’t think they would agree that the main fault with Brexit was that it exposed their leader for what he is – a third rate politician who appears great at organising but not leading nor winning elections  Under his stewardship the Labour party has suffered two of the greatest defeats in their history.  We are told the manifesto was very popular and that might be true apart from the fact that clearly by the results, it wasn’t.  If the Labour party is not very careful they will do a Scotland in both England and Wales and lose virtually all of their MPs outside the major cities and university towns.  But at least the party will be rid of all those nasty Blairites who, lest we forget, won three massive majorities for the party of the workers.  There is no purity in the grubby business of wielding real power but the poor were helped and perhaps the country was just a little more caring.   We probably will never see such a thing again as a Labour victory.

The other winners on the night we are told are the Scottish National Party (SNP) who won 48 of the 59 seats available in Scotland.  This has been seen by Nicola Sturgeon as a ringing endorsement the SNP position of the need for another referendum.   However, if you dig just a little deeper into the votes cast you will notice that it was wasn’t a ringing endorsement for  an Independent Scotland at all but rather almost the same position as the result of the 2014 vote:

2014 Vote 2019 Vote
No 55.3 Unionist Parties 54
Yes 44.7 SNP + Green 46

Yesterday the SNP celebrated outside a magnificent architectural achievement – the Dundee V&A.   I am not sure whether that was the wisest thing to do because whilst the building is magnificent on the outside inside it mainly contains hot air rather than any real substance.   If this election result is repeated in the 2021 Holyrood elections then it will mean that the SNP will have lost ground too.   Not quite the story that the SNP will want to be heard.

So there we have it, my reflections on the the 2019 election.   Whether you agree or disagree with him Boris Johnson is now the most powerful British politician  since Tony Blair.   What this country or the political parties will look like when he goes to the polls again sometime in the late Spring of 2024 (the Fixed Term Parliament act will quickly be consigned to the mists of history) is anyone’s guess.

Cry Havoc and…..

Well we’ll know by then won’t we.

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Mostly Damp Coventry….

I really can’t wait until the 21st December…it was a horrible, damp dark day in Coventry…still the exhibitions were worth the dampness.

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