Will Brendan Leave?….


Over the past few days there has been some speculation that perhaps Brendan Rodgers will once more jump ship from Leicester City to become the Arsenal manager.   It has been reported that Rodgers has not played down the rumours having refused to deny them at his weekly press conference (whether he actually did that or it is the press twisting the story I don’t know.)

What I suspect is the case is that Rodgers will stay at Leicester until at least the summer.  As things stand at the moment they are the only club capable of challenging Liverpool for the title and of course there is the outside chance they might actually win the Premiership once more.  In any case Rodgers is more likely at the moment to get into the Champions League with   Leicester than Arsenal.  Equally, I don’t think that Rodgers would like to be known as someone who is so self obsessed he will jump ship at the first whiff of a bigger club coming after him (I’m sorry to say that Leicester City is a much bigger club than Glasgow Celtic in this modern football world.)

There, I think, is the problem that the so called big clubs face, they’re not that big anymore compared to other Premiership clubs.  To prove my point consider the transfer of Harry Maguire to Manchester United in the summer.  Leicester were quite happy to keep Maguire unless they got their overblown valuation for the player.  In the end United blinked and had to pay the full fee because Leicester didn’t need the money that much.  I am assuming that Leicester has got a huge buyout clause in Rodgers’ contract (given his behaviour in coming to Leicester it would seem prudent to do so.)  If this is the case then why would Leicester forgo their manager just because a so called bigger club wants their manager.

The time to worry, I believe, for Leicester fans is in the summer.   If Leicester’s form continues then second in the Premiership is possible more likely probable.  However, it will mean that Rodgers will want a lot of money to strengthen the squad for a gruelling Champions League campaign as well as buying someone to replace Jamie Vardy and keeping many of the current squad happy.  We are talking about spending serious money and if Leicester is willing to do that then Rodgers will stay.   If not then we may well see Rodgers getting itchy feet and as things stand at the moment Manchester would be my guess for his next port of call.

So expect him to be revealed as the next Arsenal manager next week!   This would put a smile on an awful lot of Celtic fans.

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No flatulent cows….

I greeted the dawn of the last day of summer with alongside a  flatulent horse and I had this idea that I might do the same, only this time with a cow or two.  (Boy would that have been smelly!) However, any cows that might have still been out in the fields would be in the milking parlour so it was forlorn hope if not just a bit silly.

Instead the last day of autumn was a portent of what we have waiting for us – frost, mist and fog.   The long days of summer never seemed so far away just now.

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In the presence of…

The two most influential horses items in the world?   One, whose DNA is present in around 95% of all thoroughbred race horse in the world – the other probably the best painting of a horse.   Not bad for an exhibition in Milton Keynes.  Yes I went to the Stubbs exhibition at Milton Keynes for a second time and I wasn’t disappointed.  It is fascinating to see how much information and detail can be missed.   Possibly the most interesting is that the famous Whistlejacket painting doesn’t really look like the study he painted along with his groom (I can’t show you a photograph as none were allowed of that painting but I’m sure you can find a copy on the internet should you be interested.) .  This doesn’t distract from the masterpiece but rather adds to it in my view.

Away from the exhibition I took a short walk around the Milton Keynes shopping centre or mall – Christmas has already arrived!   I captured a few images and a few worked.


In the dim and distant past 36 images was a roll of film, which wasn’t cheap, so was considered to be a reasonable amount of images.  Today?   For some cameras that is less than 2 seconds worth of images.   Such is life.

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We Three Leaders of Britain are…


Just over two and a half weeks to go before the election and all the polls seem to be pointing towards a Tory victory.   I can’t say I think that is the best result for Britain but if it is then it is.   However, it is worth saying that there are still two and half week to go and given the uncertainty over the past few years of British politics then there is still a very long way to go.

However, if this is the situation come polling day then I suspect there will be a certain amount of tactical voting to try and stop the Conservatives – I suspect that this will be certainly the case in the south east and especially London.  Who would benefit from such vote switching it is hard to say other than the one party that is renowned for having a very strong ground game are the Liberal Democrats.   Whether this is the case only time will tell.


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He does not ….

MIlton Keynes is a funny place – a small American style city plonked down in the middle of rural north Buckinghamshire.   I always find that as this was a city designed with the car in mind it is always very confusing to drive around and have got lost there far more than anywhere else I can think of whilst driving.  I think it is the uniformity: Every junction looks just like the last and the signposts are non too clear.

Just to add to the confusion yesterday there was grey mist hanging around the place that made it look that the world ended at Marlborough Street – most off putting.   However, whilst it was grey outside the reason for the visit add a great deal of colour to the whole proceedings – George Stubbs exhibition at the MK Gallery.   I came away with three overriding feelings:  First, it was well worth the entrance fee as it really did have all the hits, including Whistlejacket one of the prizes of the National Gallery collection.  One of the joys of encountering such a masterpiece of the genre in a smaller gallery is that you do get the chance to examine the work in detail without hordes of people jostling you;

Beyond horses and anatomical studies Stubbs was not really in the premier league of late 18th century British painters.  There were several portraits in the exhibition that had some strange artifacts that  at times made them very unsatisfactory – especially when compared to the competition.  The final thing was that if the MK Gallery maintains this level of excellence with their future exhibitions then they will become a leading provincial art gallery.   Not a bad way to brighten a dull, grey and damp day in north Buckinghamshire.

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Not what I was expecting…

So much for all those plans.  Today was supposed to be an early rise out amongst the freezing mist – no mist/no sunrise!   Next plan:  Go to Charnwood Forest and try and capture the hard bleakness of the coming winter as no sun is expected.   Great plan unfortunately no one told the weather!    I do admire those photographers who have a plan and stick to it.  I, on the other hand, hardly ever have a plan and usually wing it and somehow I always come away with something interesting.


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Why do politicians lie?


A sweeping statement I know and I am sure there are many politicians who would take exception to the implications.  However, if this election has been characterised by anything it is politicians of each party making outrageous claims about what they are going to do should they form a government or what the cost of the other side’s plans would be.  My favourite at the moment is the Labour free broadband claim.   You only have to spend thirty seconds thinking about this to know it makes no sense at all.   Even if the BT Openreach network is nationalised (full disclosure I have 200 plus megabit/sec fibre to my house from Virgin Media) how are you going to pay for the roll out of similar service to mine to the rest of the country without charging something?   This is all supposed to be paid for by a tax of the Google’s of this world like that is easy to do.  Also if we are still in the EU then this could fall foul of anti state aid rules.   Finally,  what about the cost going forward should the Googles of this world  manage to find a way to not pay the tax?   It is nonsense, the politicians know that it is nonsense and yet they make great speeches about this.

I am not having a pop at Labour but rather the way we the electorate are treated as idiots by all parties.  Get Brexit Done is just an out and out lie.  Should we leave by the 31st January 2020 then we will be arguing about Brexit for years because, suprise suprise, the Brexit negotiations don’t stop on the 31st of January but rather they really start to pick up. We will have yet another crises towards the end of July when Parliament will have to vote on whether to leave without a deal or extend the transition period.   Such a controversial moment requires a government with a large majority and nothing I have seen nor heard has suggested that this is likely to happen for the Conservatives – majorities of 5 or 10 really won’t do given the vagaries of political life.

I guess the truth as to why politicians lie can be explained by looking into a mirror.  They believe we might believe them just a little and in the reality is that the face looking back at us is the reason for all this.   We might just do that.

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